DIY Stationary Holder Tutorial

Handmade Stationary Holder and matching Box
            Hi friends sharing a special handmade gift idea to make for that special someone whom you are certain will appreciate the value of a handmade gift and all the love you put into making it!
Handmade Shaker Book
On first glance it looks like a book with a beautiful dangling bookmark ! Well it is a special type of book-- it has a satin fabric cover and lining, a sturdy chipboard base, engraved metal corners, an organza ribbon fastening and a dimensional shimmery glitter foam shaker with the most adorable penguin!!
Notebook Holder and Side Pocket
 On opening the book, one side has a pocket with space for tags , mini cards and a gift card if you wish.I made a simple a ribbon rose bookmark on a jumbo paper clip to match the rest of the project. Added a festive red bell on the mini tag saying "handmade with love" !
Handmade Stationary Set
The pocket on the other side has a magnetic flap which on opening reveals 2 mini notebooks- one with a ribbon rose and the other with a glittery "Rudolf the red nosed reindeer"!!
Stationary Set
The little pen was dressed up with a festive ribbon band and fits snugly inside the pen holder made with matching ribbon. The metal bookmark was handmade using beads and a tassel in festive colors!
Handmade Gift Box
The stationary set needed a fitting box so made a matching gift box  featuring the same adorable Penguin colored using Staedtler watercolor pencils and Zig Watercolor Brush Pens . The cute penguin rests on gorgeous satin cloth and is framed in a shimmery glitter foam dimensional frame.
If you are curious how I made it just breeze through the detailed Tutorial below and bookmark/pin it for later use ....or jump right down to the comments and tell me how you like this project!
Making the "Book style Cover"
The construction of the cover is very similar to making a mini album cover with a few tricks you can use to up the oomph factor!!!

  • Chipboard
  • Cover and Inner Lining: Use high quality paper/ leather /kraft tex[see this post : Kraft-tex Projects], fabric. I used paper lined satin sheets which added to the glamour coefficient!
  • Good quality glue : I used Scotch adhesive spray which was super quick ,didnt wrap the fabric paper and gave fantastic adhesion.
  • Ribbon

Book Cover Tutorial 
4.5 x 6 inch with a 3/4 or 1 inch spine is a good size for the stationary set cover. For this you need the following chipboard pieces:Two  4.5 x 6 inch and one 1x6 inch.
The outer satin paper should  be large enough to give at least a 3/4 inch margin all around when you line up the chipboard pieces as shown above. Use at least 8 x 11.5 inch [A4 ] cover fabric/paper. The inner lining should be at least 6 x 10 inches.
Stationary Holder Tutorial 
Stick the chipboard pieces one by one onto the back of your fabric cover. Since I used Scotch spray adhesive this was a super quick step for me. Use a spare chipboard piece and position it between your big chipboard pieces and spine piece while you glue so that you get a gap that will allow your book to close and open easily.
Stationary Holder Tutorial 
After gluing close and open the book so that the fabric stretches nicely.
Snip off wedges at the 4 corner and glue these onto the chipboards
Stationary Holder Tutorial 
To ensure that you don't lose the flexibility of your book cover use a chipboard piece and use it to sort of score over the glued fabric in the gaps on either side of the spine.
Stationary Holder Tutorial 
Now place your ribbon in the center of the book cover and glue on the 6 x 10 inner lining fabric. You may trim the 6 x 10 piece before gluing it on if it is overhanging over the sides.
Stationary Holder Tutorial 
While gluing the inner lining...again use a chipboard piece to score along the gaps on either side of the spine to ensure a good adhesion.
Now your cover is ready...you can use this to make a mini album , a folding photo-frame[ see Photoframe Tutorial ] or a stationary holder like in this project.
How to make a Mini Notebook Holder.
This holder can house 2 thin notebooks measuring 3 x  4 inches
Materials : 
  • Card stock - 11 1/4 x 5 1/4 inch
  • Pattern paper 
  • Adhesive- use liquid glue 
  • Magnets
Notebook Holder Tutorial 
Take a 11 1/4 x 5 1/4 inch cardstock and score at 3 , 3 1/2, 8 and 8 1/2 inches on the long side

Notebook Holder Tutorial 
Turn it and score 1/2 , 1, 4 1/4 and 4 3/4.

Notebook Holder Tutorial 
 This is the pictorial representation and the blue shaded region is the part you can snip off  before folding and gluing.
Notebook Holder Tutorial 
The shorter 2 3/4 inch side will form the top closure flap and if you want you can cut a fancy edge to it. I used a Crealies On the edge die to cut both the card stock and pattern paper for the flap.

Notebook Holder Tutorial 

Notebook Holder Tutorial 
Snip off the side 1 inch borders on the 2 3/4 and 1/2 part....refer to the graphic shaded in blue if you get confused.

Notebook Holder Tutorial 
 Cut in 1 inch at the lower part as shown and snip off parts as shown in the graphic.Optionally cut wedges/ round off the edges to allow easy gluing.
Notebook Holder Tutorial 
Fold along the score lines as shown and you can see your note holder taking shape.

Notebook Holder Tutorial 
Add a small magnet on the inside of your top flap and cover with pattern paper for a neat finish.

Notebook Holder Tutorial 
Optionally line the inside of your note holder with pattern paper.
Apply glue on the tiny squares  shown below first

Notebook Holder Tutorial 
Fold up the lower flap and stick it onto to tiny squares and then glue over the side flaps as shown below.

Notebook Holder Tutorial 
Lastly stick on another magnet on the lower flap adjusting the position to perfectly line with the magnet on the upper flap.
Notebook Holder Tutorial 
Cover the magnet with pattern paper.
How to make the Pen Holder

Notebook Holder Tutorial 
Form a loop of ribbon to snugly fit around and pen ...apply glue and hold with a paper clip till it dries! Stick the ribbon tail under your notebook holder while you stick it to the book cover.
Stationary Holder Tutorial 
I hope you liked this Tutorial and project!
Handmade Stationary Gift Set
This project is my DT post for Cuttlebug Mania Challenge where the theme is "Anything Christmas with a die /embossing folder"
I have used a ton of dies in this project and here is the list of Supplies : 
Dies : Spellbinders Card Creator A2 Filigree Delight, Spellbinders Decorative Labels 8 ,Spellbinders swirl bliss pocket[center of notebook],Spellbinders  Curved Matting Basics B,Spellbinders Majestic Labels 25,Spellbinders Lace Hearts [lacy corners on box],Tonic Mixed Scalloped and Straight Cut Oval Layering Die Set,Crealies On the Edge 33 ,Crealies Duo Dies 47,Magnolia Doohickeys Vintage Box Lacing Coffee,Wild Rose Studio Floral Frame,Xcut Handmade With Love
Papers : Graphic 45 Time to flourish ,Debbie Mumm Harvest and Holiday
Stamp: Wild Rose Studio Penguin with Present


Gifts from the Crafty World

          Hi friends, I have been blessed like many of you to have a hobby that not only makes me happy but helps spread a little bit of happiness!! This post is  to share with all of you how generous the crafting community is and to say a big Thank you to each one of you.

Maria [aka Mia ] is a versatile crafter from Greece whom I became friends with recently. She is multi-talented  crafter dabbling in papercrafts, fabric crafts and a loooot of different styles of crafts.Mia has hosted a couple of amazing giveaways recently and I was the  lucky winner of a surprise parcel. I was so stunned to receive this big box of crafty treasure all the way from Greece . It has the most special handmade crafts , the cutest buttons I have seen, gorgeous rhinestones, felt embellishments, beautiful laces ,fabric pieces,beads, stamps and even metal embellishments. Thank you so much Mia....you don't know how happy your kindness has made me feel!!
From Mia
I bet most of you who visit me know Lisa....the mermaid crafter. Hehe yes I do tend to imagine Lisa to be a certain magical beautiful mermaid who is supremely kind and benevolent!! Lisa  not only makes the most beautiful projects but is so generous with spreading kindness by commenting on her friends' blogs. If you are a blogger you will know how precious a comment is! Love you Lisa for who you are!! And Thank you so much for the gorgeous giveaway gifts and special card.
From Lisa
I have a crafty friend , Sharada whom I have been lucky enough to meet a couple of times since she lives in Bangalore too. Recently she came back from an UK trip  and this is what she sent me.Everything handpicked for me including dies... I was speechless!!
From Sharada
         Many of you may remember I had a huge celebration last year when my blog viewership reached 5 million. 16 people won prizes and my blogger friend Priyanka Mathur was the lucky winner of a Big Shot machine!
A couple of months back I was struggling with many things in my life and feeling quite low and then... a huge parcel arrived from Priyanka and cheered me up no end! Money need not buy happiness all the time but yes kindness sure can make someone super happy!!!
From Priyanka
During the same phase when I was feeling blue....here is something special a dear blogger friend Pooja sent me! It made me feel so loved and happy. The power of a little something handmade sure is amazing!!
From Pooja
This year was  difficult for me during multiple phases and I had not been able to  craft or blog and visit all of you as much as I used to and wanted to.But I do treasure each comment, email , message and blog visit ....so much that it is difficult for me to put my gratitude into words and thank you adequately enough!Without perhaps realizing it ,each of you have given me a share of happiness...the most beautiful gift!!! Thank you so much my friends!

PS : Stay tuned!!
I am thinking of a giveaway soon...it wont be as grand as the one I had during my 5 million pageviews celebration....just a personalThank you giveaway for my crafty pals in blogland.
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